Save Small.
Dream Big.

GoSherpy is the best way to save real money and reach your dream goals.

Use the app to effortlessly put aside money for the things that matter to you. You do the dreaming and planning, we’ll do the rest!

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Make plans and watch them unfold.

Set up a personalized savings plan to trigger automatic deposits into your GoSherpy account. Don’t get stuck saving money for what’s important to you, you’re completely in control following your own plans to reaching your objectives without ever feeling short on money.

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Save money, automatically.

Choose your own saving goal and adjust it whenever you want. Eager to get a new DSLR Camera, fancy bluetooth speakers or to finally go on that trip you always wanted to take? Set your personal, automatic saving goal within the app and pause or change it whenever you like.
Take the hard work out of saving and make GoSherpy work in the background for you, easily enabling you to finally reach your personal goals and desires.
You’ll reach your goals easily, with GoSherpy!

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Automate Your Savings
Choose a goal: Want a new DSLR camera? Some crisp sounding new bluetooth speakers? Or that trip to Thailand that you wanted to take next winter? GoSherpy helps you achieve your goals, easily.

Set Your Plan
By activating a standard plan you’ll be able to set the amount of money you want to save, your monthly deposits or the number of months you’d like your saving plan to take. You can easily change or pause your savings plan on the go.

Reach Your Goal
Every month GoSherpy will put aside the amount of money you set out to reserve. GoSherpy works in the background of your life, so you can easily reach your financial goals.


GoSherpy is completely free if you are consequently following your plan. The only existing commission is an amount 3%, applied only and exclusively if you withdraw before reaching the goal you set, in order to avoid breaking your piggy bank before reaching it.
This fee was actually advised by our first users! GoSherpy is basically free for every good Sherpy!

Piani FIXE.D
I piani fixed sono completamente gratuiti. Se si salta un deposito mensile, l'ammontare di quest'ultimo viene automaticamente "spalmato" sui depositi mensili rimanenti, aumentandone l'importo per farti raggiungere l'obiettivo nel mese prefissato. Nel caso in cui l'aumento del deposito mensile superi i 50€, ti verrà richiesta una conferma e potrai scegliere se mantenere il piano FIXE.D attivo oppure tramutarlo in un piano BASE, non raggiungendo però il tuo obiettivo nei tempi prefissati.

Security with GoSherpy

In accordance with EU law, money is collected on a non-US account, on an electronic portfolio of YOUR property (like PayPal), managed by an authorized payment institution. You can find more information about security on GoSherpy by clicking here


Let's create something that can really help you achieve your goals effortlessly, simply and intuitively. You can actually help us! In our Facebook Group, you can ask us any questions you want, report any problems and suggest new features you would like to see in the next update.

Your opinion, along with that of the Community of Sherpies , is giving shape to Gosherpy.


Our mission is to help you reach your dreams. You can withdraw your savings even before you reach your savings target, but are not bound by many deposit accounts. As suggested by our very first users, a small commission of 3% is applied to the sums you withdraw in advance to prevent you from breaking your piggy bank before reaching your goal.
GoSherpy is not a bank. There are no subscription fees, no initial minima to deposit, no registration fees, and no transaction fees. There are no hidden expenses of any kind. The only GoSherpy commission is applied solely and exclusively if your piggy bank breaks before it reaches its savings target.


It's difficult to keep track of every expense and be able to put the money aside for what you really want. A lack of funds is the most common obstacle between us and our goals and passions. Accurate and meticulous management of your expenses can be helpful, but is difficult and takes a lot of time.

In today's digital world there are many solutions that save us time and effort working behind the scenes. We believe that technology can help us achieve our savings goals, small or large.