The end is part of the Journey

Dear Sherpy, We hoped we would never have to write this communication and we did everything we could to avoid this moment, but in the end this moment came despite our efforts. GoSherpy is closing, for us it's a very difficult time, 3 years ago when we started full of enthusiasm we set ourselves the goal of helping you and all the other Sherpies to save money in a simple way to reach your goals, and we are happy to having succeeded during these 3 years, what we failed to do, however, was to make the service sustainable.
With GoSherpy we have helped more than 5,000 people achieve their goals and it is a matter of great pride for us, considering that we started in 3, we still remember the first version of the app and all the feedback you gave us and the patience you have had to help us develop the app. We had many other surprises in mind, but we won't be able to show them to you.

What will happen now? From today it is no longer possible to deposit funds within GoSherpy, all deposits have been blocked, we have also stopped withdrawals and you are wondering why.
We have blocked withdrawals because we will take care of reimbursing all the funds we have in the various wallets, we do this for two reasons, first because the regulation requires it because we have to close all the positions, secondly because in this way no commission will be charged on your withdrawals.
It is a process that will take us a few days, in any case our Live Chat will always be available until all operations are closed and we will be at your disposal for any questions or needs. Access to the app will always be available so that you can see if your funds have already been repaid or not.

Important In the event that you have not registered an account on GoSherpy to withdraw the money do not worry, if you have made the deposits using the card the funds will be reversed directly on the card, in case you have used the debit on the account the money will be reversed on the account from which they were taken. In any case you can always add the account where to send the cancellations and we will make the cancellation to that account.

It was a pleasure to be able to work for you and with you, you made us grow and thanks to you we managed to achieve our goal anyway!
Thank you very much for everything!
With ❤️ GoSherpy's Team