Save Small. Dream Big.

GoSherpy is the new app for saving real money towards your dream goals. It makes it easy & effortless to save for the things you really want: while you’re dreaming and planning we’ll be doing all the work behind to make your goals happen.

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Save for what you care about.

Set a goal or saving objective, whether it’s your next trip or a product you are are striving to buy – you’re saving exclusively for what you care about.
Discover the experience by becoming a Beta Tester and learning more about GoSherpy today.

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Make plans and see them happen.

Set up a personalized saving plan to trigger automatic deposits into your GoSherpy account.
Don’t get stuck or groped, feel completely in control and abide by the plan to reach your objectives without feeling short on money.

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Stay Safe

As an accredited e-money agent, GoSherpy keeps your money safely deposited on our PCI-DSS compliant and FCA regulated payment provider MangoPay, who works directly with Barclays Bank. Your money can never be lent out by the bank: it’s stored in a ring-fenced account, ensuring it's always available for withdrawal. Transaction security is under HTTPS protocol (TLS protocol), GoSherpy uses bank level SSL 128 bit encryption and sensitive personal information is securely stored.

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Make Saving Automatic

Choose a saving goal that you can also change later like a new Reflex Camera, some fancy Bluetooth Speakers or that trip that you really wanted to make. Then set an automatic saving plan that you can also easily pause or change on the run.
Take the hard work out of saving by making GoSherpy work in the background for you, easily enabling you to finally reach your personal goals and desires.
You can make it, it's easy with GoSherpy!

It's free!

No signup costs, no transaction costs and no minimum balance required. Suggested by our users themselves, to prevent you from breaking your piggybank before reaching your target, the only fee applied is a small 3% only in case you withdraw some funds before having reached your goal amount. This is a very rare case, since you also have the possibility to pause a saving plan. Thus GoSherpy is completely free for the Good Sherpies, who consistently reach their target!

How do we make money?

We don't invest your savings, there's no interest on them. So how do we pay our rent? When you reach your goal, we search and find the exact product/travel your saved for at a price equal or even lower than the amount you saved and send you our affiliation links (usually towards major online platforms such as Amazon, Expedia, Booking etc). It's not compulsory to use our affiliation links when buying what you saved for, but if you use them, the seller gives us a small percentage of his earnings on your purchase and GoSherpy stays alive.

Why GoSherpy

It's hard to keep track of every transaction while at the same time saving finances and dedicating them exclusively for what you want to buy or utilizing them to reach a saving amount target which would be in other cases harder to achieve.

The lack of savings is the most frequent obstacle keeping you away from your objectives and true passions. Accurate and meticulous money management may help, but it is often rather time consuming and will often end up in the list of forgotten chores.

In the digital world we now live in, much of our needs are covered by solutions that quietly work in the background for you, just like GoSherpy.

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What our Users say

"With GoSherpy you feel supported and you’re not afraid of not achieving your goals. I put money aside to travel, I have a small child that I always carry around with me in all my trips”
Irene, Consultant - Turin, Italy

“Through this unique app so many people will be able to achieve their goals and desires."
Silvia, IT Manager - Cagliari, Italy

“GoSherpy is very useful for me, because I have no other ways to set aside money for specific goals”
Niccolò, Digital Marketing Manager - Rome, Italy

Developed with you

We are committed to providing you with the best experience through an easy to use, feature rich app. While we will always manage development, testing and.. again development, you can help us by becoming part of the action! In the Beta Testers Facebook Group you can ask us any kind of question, report any problem or suggest new features which you would like to see in upcoming releases. Your opinion, together with the efforts of the collective Sherpies community, will shape Gosherpy.

We hate hidden costs or fees

GoSherpy is not a bank. It has no annual or monthly fees, no minimum balance, no signup costs and no transaction fees. You won't find any kind of hidden fees.
 The only fee applied is a 3% fee just in case you break the Piggybank before having reached your goal. Our aim is to help you reach your dreams, that's why you are free to withdraw your money whenever you want, but, as suggested by one of our beta testers, a 3% fee will be applied just on the amount withdrawn before having reached your goal.